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Do you need TV AIR TIME RATES for your television commercial? Or maybe you are already airing, but just want to keep your media buyer honest? The TV Ad Rate Store™ has answers!

Unbiased, Custom Research

We do not simply send you a pre-written "rate card." We are not trying to sell you on buying air time from us, so our information is unbiased and objective. Each research order is fulfilled individually by our research staff, and the results are unique to your request. Researching TV advertising rates is a complex and time-intensive task where we tap into our personal contacts at each network on your behalf. We offer an unbiased rate service for a low flat fee.

How Much Does TV Air Time Cost?

Wondering if you're paying too much for your TV air time? Are you using one of those complicated, online do-it-yourself air time systems? Wondering if your current media buyer is quoting you the network rate without extra added commissions? WE CAN HELP!

FIND OUT: What Can I Get for My Air Time Budget?

You can get the lowdown on air time rates with our air time rate research service.

Why Should I Pay For Research?

Air time analysis and custom schedules can take up to a week or more to research and assemble. Companies that provide "free" air time research or airing schedules will enthusiastically overcharge you for that "free" work when you actually buy the air time. So, "free" ultimately costs you thousands of dollars in overcharges, junk "scatter" airings, hidden fees and extra commissions.

Ancient wisdom: "If you don't see the value in paying for true, unbiased information, then you don't have the business sense to be in business."


For a low fee, we research the network and daypart that you're interested in, and provide you the current rate. The rate provided is for Direct Response 30-second airings.

GET THE TRUTH - Starting at only $99.

It's fast and easy, and you'll be in-the-know about whether you're getting the best deal.

We offer our research services to air time clients, production clients of our sister companies, and to non-client businesses who are creating a marketing budget or business plan.

Need a great-looking new TV commercial? Get your TV commercial production through our award-winning, affordable sister service, — and your air time rate research and custom schedule is included ($499 value)!

Just set your airing budget, and let's go!