TV Ad Rate Store Air Time

How We Work

When you order your air time research, we make the inquiries on your behalf, compile the details in a no-nonsense report, and get your answers back to you quickly.

We're Different

We research the most current, negotiated network air time rates for your air time buy - no added commission fees tacked on to the rate (like the other guys do). Don't pay extra commissions for yor air time! Find out how much spots really cost before you make your buy.

Air Time Rate Research is a time-intensive endeavor, and an art in itself. The lowest price isn't always the best buy, and the highest price won't always hit your target audience.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Us - using our simple, online order form.
  2. Pay your research fee (easy PayPal process).
  3. We get to work, then send you your requested air time rate information.


Can you put my TV ad on the air?

YES! - If you've seen the rate research we've provided and want to place an air time buy, let us know and we'll get started.

Can't I just use an automated online media buying system?

We've seen some of the big, online TV air time systems charging extra commissions on top of the going air time rate - anywhere from 20% more to 40% more - and sometimes even 800% more! Truth is - they push you to overbid for your airings, and many folks who've tried those systems report to us that their spots didn't even get on the air.

Did you know that with those automated online services, if the rate you pay is too low, you won't get on the air?

Our researched rates are not based on a "bid" system. No bidding wars - you are not bidding against our other air time clients! You aren't pressured to bid-up, and you aren't bidding too low.

Important Details:

We're a research service - our staff contacts the networks on your behalf. Turnaround varies, and can take several days.

TV Ad Rate Store provides rates for 30-second airings in the "Direct Response" category - the advertisement contains direct contact information, such as a website address or telephone number, and a call to action. General Advertising rates (for branding messages without a direct call to action) or air time rates for long formats such as 1/2 hours, are generally not provided, and tend to be much higher than Direct Response 30-second airings.

From time to time, a TV network, due to official policy, a change in management, internal politics, or simply because they have sold-out their inventory, will not supply rates. If this occurs, we will instead provide research on a network that serves a similar demographic. TV Ad Rate Store reserves the option to select or change networks on our client’s behalf based on network rate and network availability.