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We offer our research services to air time clients, production clients of our sister companies, and to non-client businesses who are creating a marketing budget or business plan.

Just set your airing budget, and let's go!


A. Single Net Service - Research for one USA television market of your choosing - one network, daypart or show. Per Netwok/Daypart/Show: $99

B. Proposed Sample Schedule - A proposed air time schedule for your target audience, budget, and desired airing location. Just choose local, regional or national. Tell us about your budget and your product, and we'll do the rest. $499

C. Does My Old Ad Suck? (And WHY) - Ad Evaluation Service - TV Ad Clearance: All television commercials must pass network "clearance" - a subjective content and technical review by the network or TV station. If your company has a completed production ready for airing, you may want our Evaluation Service for your tv commercial. OR - if your previous commercial didn't bring the results you hoped for, we can check it out for you and give you a detailed analysis of the creative work. In either case, we'll let you know if your production is truly ready for broadcast - and we can get it in shape for you if it is lacking in some way (additional production charges may apply). Per 30- or 60-second commercial: $99

Note: Air time is a commodity. The rates and availability reported for a particular network or program are valid for a limited time and do not guarantee that the described air time will be available for the quoted price in the future. The networks decide what will air and at what price when the completed TV commercial is submitted for network clearance and approved.

About Your Air Time Budget

Clients often ask, "How much should I spend on air time?"

The no-nonsense answer is that it's up to YOU.

We can make recommendations based on your stated budget. Keep in mind that budgets don't "scale." A $1,500 budget does not buy exactly 1/10th of a $15,000 budget - because the $15,000 budget may open up additional opportunities, based on its size.

We do not set your budget. Budgeting is a very individual process. These days, businesses want to keep costs in line, and get the most for their money. That's why research is so important.

Here are some rules of thumb: